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Get +750 ready-to-use Divi Templates – perfect for creating stunning websites with ease. No coding required! Try now and start building beautiful sites today.

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If you’re a web designer or developer hoping to construct aesthetically pleasing responsive sites with minimal effort then Divi Templates offer the ideal solution!

Divi is an intuitive, drag and drop website building platform that enables users to quickly and easily design stylish and modern pages.

In this page, we’ll explore the benefits of using Divi Templates different types of prebuilt layouts available, how to customize, edit section & row settings, utilize global elements & styles, work with sections and review a completed layout.

Divi templates provide a fast, easy and affordable way to create a website that looks professional and cohesive. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert web designer, Divi Templates offer customizability that makes them easy and enjoyable to use. With predesigned content modules, creating and editing layouts has never been easier. This saves time compared to manually coding your website from scratch.

Latest Divi Templates

Get creative with your website design. Our latest Divi templates provide limitless design possibilities to solve any issue. Download now and see the difference yourself!

What is a Divi Template?
By utilizing Divi Templates, you are rewarded with uniformity across the whole website. Every single page remains consistent in terms of design and branding so your visitors have a familiar experience no matter which one they click on. The templates are also mobile friendly as well as responsive, allowing for complete visual compatibility with any device.

Divi Templates also support Global Blocks, making it easier for you to quickly update or reuse content throughout your website without having to start from scratch every time. Plus, there’s an array of readymade templates available for all kinds of industries from business websites to ecommerce stores making it even more convenient for you to get started with building your website without having to worry about the design aspect.

Overall, Divi Templates offer many benefits that make creating websites easier while providing a great user experience. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to build custom yet beautiful websites, look no further than Divi Templates!

Benefits of Using a Divi Template
Divi templates furnish an influential foundation for constructing attractive website designs with competent ease. Their innovative capabilities are what render them so alluring. The Divi Visual Page Builder permits you to construct proficient-grade websites with minimum effort. Be it a beginner or a practiced web developer, this technology will conserve your time and toil. Furthermore, Divi comes equipped with Global Defaults that make fine-tuning your website quick and safe. You can also integrate your individual CSS code to tailor-make the layouts according to the specifics of your site’s requirements.

The Divi platform has the advantage of being completely responsive and suitable for mobile use. Therefore, designed formats are optimally displayed across any device. Furthermore, Divi offers a selection of Layout Packs and Templates to assist in creating an efficient starting point to build upon. Additionally, Advanced Design Settings can be adjusted to customize parts of each page as needed. Also, there is a Revision History feature available in order to monitor the changes made throughout the process. Lastly, Powerful Theme Options are supplied with Divi allowing for full control over how the site appears from fonts to colors and logo uploads providing users with considerable freedom when designing their website.

With all its powerful features, Divi is one of the most complete platform options available for creating stunning professional websites from scratch or from prebuilt templates. We hope this overview has given you some insight into all the great features that make Divi such an attractive option for web developers!

Features & Customization Options for Divi Templates

Producing websites utilizing Divi Templates is an excellent solution to accomplish a visually stunning design with minimal effort. These templates offer a baseline from which one can work, offering both structure and aesthetic choices. With the support of Divi Layouts, website construction can be accomplished in record time.

Divi Layouts are made up of Building Blocks, which allow you to build your page in an intuitive way. You can customize each Building Block by using the visual builder, which allows users to drag and drop content and formatting options into their pages. This interface is completely customizable and offers CSS styling options that let you create a unique look for your site easily.

In addition, Divi Templates come with prebuilt elements that give you access to headers, footers, and other design components. This means that you don’t need to start from scratch every time; rather, you can choose from popular templates or build your own from the building blocks available within the system.

Lastly, customizing your site with Divi Templates is simple due to its easytouse drag & drop interface. With just a few simple steps, you can integrate text, visuals and other items. Plus there are plenty of customization options such as changing font size and color as well as adding animations or hover effects for a dynamic look.

Overall, when it comes to creating beautiful websites in no time at all Designing with Divi templates is one of the best solutions out there! It has everything you need from prebuilt elements to powerful customization options making it easy for anyone to design their own stunning website.


When searching through a variety of options for the ideal template to suit your project, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, with Divi’s Template Library, you can quickly find the exact design that fits with your objectives. Here you will discover a large range of premade layouts which can be utilized to make the process effortless and straightforward.

The benefits of using a Divi Template are vast and range from saving time to money and providing customizing options. With many different premade layouts available in the library, you can quickly find something that fits your project’s needs. With a design already created and ready to use, you can save lots of time on developing and designing your website or project. As each template is already optimized for SEO purposes, you can also benefit from costeffective solutions as well.

However, even after finding the perfect layout in the Divi Template Library, you still have plenty of opportunities for further customizing your design. You have access to various advanced editing options like fonts, colors, backgrounds and more which make it easy to make tweaks and changes to the layout in order to ensure it suits all your project’s desired outcomes. This offers an excellent opportunity to truly make your design unique by tailoring it specifically to fit what your end goal is.

Save time

With Divi Templates you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. They enable designers and developers to easily create great looking websites in no time.

Easy customization

All templates feature comprehensive customization tools, enabling a quick and simple adaptation to meet the needs of clients without sacrificing your own design vision.

Streamlined workflow

You can quickly switch between multiple projects without any setbacks. Plus, you also don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple versions as all changes will be stored in one place.

Professional look

The professional designs these templates provide will ensure visitors stay engaged while they visit your website.