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Divi E-Commerce Layouts

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  • flower shop

    Flower Shop

  • store


  • classic shop

    Classic Shop

  • fullscreen shop

    Fullscreen Shop

  • just shop

    Just Shop

  • modern shop

    Modern Shop

  • product showcase

    Product Showcase

  • creative shop

    Creative Shop

  • fashion shop

    Fashion Shop

  • simple shop

    Simple Shop

  • watch shop

    Watch Shop

  • clean shop

    Clean Shop

  • man shop

    Man Shop

  • easy shop

    Easy Shop

Creative Divi E-Commerce Layouts

Divi layouts for eCommerce is a bundle of Divi layouts created for Divi designers that want to save time building professional-quality online stores. The layouts were designed with conversions in mind, drawing attention to your products and growing your customer base. Build any kind of online store you can imagine and easily customize it to your needs with the pre-styled Divi modules.

Layouts include custom hero sections, products with mosaic layouts, custom icons, customer testimonials, newsletter forms, brand logos, scroll effects, hover effects, and lots more.

In Divi eCommerce Layouts, you will find designs for:

  • General shops
  • Furniture
  • Shoes
  • Coffee
  • Cosmetics
  • Organic food
  • Flowers
  • Fashion
  • Shops from simple to complex
  • And lots more…

New layouts are produced just about every week. This creates endless design possibilities for our members who have access to hundreds of layouts in many genres that can easily be modified for your website’s needs. Our layouts are designed with UX in mind and we’re constantly adding new niches.

Our layouts give you a professionally-designed starting point. No matter what kind of website you’re designing, you’ll want our layouts in your Divi toolbox. Layouts are in JSON format, so all you need to do is import them into your Divi pages and start making your changes. You won’t need to add custom code, but you certainly can if you want.

Join our Express Club membership today and enjoy the widest range of pre-made Divi products available from any online marketplace.