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Divi Headers

Get creative with your website’s header using our pre-made Divi header layouts! With a diverse selection of custom headers, you can easily create the perfect look for your site. Spruce up your website today with Divi header layouts!

Capture Creativity with Divi.Express
—Go Beyond the Ordinary!

Ready to use Divi Header Layouts

With the recent addition of the new theme builder to Divi, we are pleased to announce Divi.Express have created a fantastic range of responsive headers for our customers to use in their websites created with Divi.

Our headers have been designed and created to cater for every possible permutation of information found on typical website headers today and being built using Divi, they are very versatile and can be tweaked to suit your exacting requirements with ease.

We’re confident you will find something perfect within our header layouts so feel free to explore all the header layouts below and together with our pre-made layouts, will give you endless possibilities when building up your website portfolio.

Our headers are all in .json format, enabling a simple import into your Divi library, just like any other exported or saved layout. Once imported, it’s as easy as creating your new header in the theme builder and selecting your chosen header from your Divi library, nothing could be simpler!

Like our pre-made page layouts, our range of headers will continue to grow, giving our customers, we believe, the widest choice of headers available today from any online layout marketplace, not to mention, our new header layouts section is also included within the Express Club membership!

Divi headers are formulated with the goal of enabling webmasters and developers to craft websites that possess a professional look and feel. With the powerful suite of features provided by Divi, users can craft beautiful layouts while benefitting from enhanced functionality. The extensive library of content blocks and modules offer website designers the freedom to construct almost any type of design without needing experience in coding or software engineering. By making use of Divi headers, users have access to intuitive content management without forfeiting precision or appearance. Moreover, designs appear optimally across multiple devices due to automatic adaptation based on viewer device resolution.

Save Time

Save yourself from spending time designing a header from scratch and instead quickly select one of our ready-made Divi headers to get your project up and running in no time.

Ready to Go Designs

Our ready-made Divi headers offer many different designs that are already set up and just need to be inserted into your website, giving you a great starting point for your projects.

Customization Options

Customize your Divi headers without having to start from scratch! With customization options, you can quickly create a site header tailored to your needs – try it now to experience the freedom of design.

Responsive Design

All of our ready-made Divi Headers have responsive capabilities builtin, allowing them to adjust dynamically based on screen size without additional effort from the user or designer’s side – making sure they look perfect for all devices automatically!

Professional Look

Our Divi Headers give your website a modern look that stands out from the crowd and helps set it apart from others in its niche market. The easy customization options also allows for personal touches, making sure your website looks unique and makes a lasting impression on visitors who view it online.

Easy Integration

Our ready-made Divi headers can easily integrate with other features such as slideshows, carousels, galleries, columns etc., allowing you to create stunning websites easily without ever having to leave the page builder’s dashboard!